Sunday, December 23, 2012

What Products Everyone's Raving About

Everlast's Video Production Team has been hard at work asking new customers what they like most about their recent installation. The responses have been great and consist of compliments for our installers, praise for our quality products and commendation for Everlast Home Energy Solution's other staff members.
The praise for Everlast's quality products is the most prominent reason why most clients are so happy with Everlast.  To date, the newly formed video production team has received testimonials from two clients who had Anlin Dual Pane Security Windows installed, two clients with Super Cote, one client with a new American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Unit, and finally, two clients who had a new Rane Walk In Tub installed.
The Anlin Dual Pane Window clients both mentioned how their house is quieter and that they have seen a substantial decrease in energy bills. The Super Cote clients talked about how happy they are that they will never have to paint again, and how beautiful their house now looks.  The HVAC client explained how the temperature in the house is now precisely regulated to confort an elderly family member that stays in the house. Finally, the walk in tub testimonials consisted of the clients revealing how much they love the massage the tub provides to their joints and muscles.
All of our testimonials followed one theme...The fact that Everlast's products are better than they ever imagined.  If you are a recent client of Everlast and love our products we would love to hear from you!


  1. Without Question we have an overwhelming response from Everlast customers raving about Everlast installations and products being Superior.

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