Thursday, December 27, 2012

Social Media & Coming Soon - A New Everlast Home Energy Solutions Website

At Everlast Home Energy Solutions, our Engineers have been hard at work re-designing and working on a new and improved Facebook page, an updated Twitter page, a YouTube channel where people can view informational and testimonial videos about our products, and finally, a brand new updated website.

Social Media - Everlast Home Energy Solutions would like to invite everyone to connect with us on our new and improved Facebook and Twitter pages. On our company Facebook page, you can find everything from Testimonial videos, current company news, remodeling tips, photos and much more.  We encourage people to like us, post comments, and most importantly have fun!  Our Facebook page can be found at

Our Twitter page can be found at and here you can find the latest home remodeling news, connect with fellow home remodeling enthusiasts, and even contact us at Everlast directly.  Anyone who has a twitter account is encouraged to follow us right away.

We are extremely excited about our new YouTube Channel, which consists of various videos which highlight Everlast's diverse product line. Currently, there are videos on Anlin Dual Pane Energy Efficient Windows, Rane Walk In Tubs, Super Cote Cool Wall Coating and American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.  Most of the videos are of our satisfied customers raving about their new products and energy savings. The YouTube Channel can be found at

The All New Everlast Home Energy Solutions Website - We are just about one month away from launch of the all new and improved Everlast Home Energy Solutions Website! The current Everlast website is getting a complete makeover and will now contain the following new features:
1. Testimonial Videos
2. Career Page
3. Helpful Tips and Tricks
4. Product Slideshow (Anlin Dual Pane Windows, Super Cote, Rane Walk In Tubs, Vinyl Siding, American Standard HVAC)
5. Company Directory
6. Much, much more

We are very excited about new happenings at Everlast Home Energy Solutions, and our goal is that everyone enjoys the new website and our new social media sites as much as possible.


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